Pocket Sliding Door

Pocket Sliding Door

A pocket door is a system of building a counter frame which is then integrated with a stud wall construction.
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Pocket Door

A pocket door is a system of building a counter frame which is then integrated with a stud wall construction. The frame creates an envelope the same width as the finished wall for the door to slide into, thus hiding the door within the wall cavity. Essentially, when you open the door it sits neatly in the wall space you have created, and then you can slide it back again.


The features of a pocket door are:

This is the option when there is not enough space for the door to swing open into a room. Sometimes, it is the only choice!

These are common in bathrooms or laundry rooms, although as seen below, they can be used effectively between other rooms.

Pocket doors can be very dressy and unique while saving wall space!

The major disadvantage to a pocket door is that they are difficult to work on if they get stuck or need repair.  In that case, the wall will have to be opened up to access the track and sliders.  Minor adjustments can be made without opening the wall.

Pocket doors are the most expensive choice, for both the cost of the door unit and the carpenter’s labor costs for installation.


Why choose a pocket door?

Space-saving: compared to a traditional hinged door, the pocket door creates around 8% extra space in a room, meaning you can utilise all the space at your disposal and create extra rooms where you previously couldn’t; such as a home office, utility room, en-suite bathroom or a simple storage room.

Contemporary: Our designs feature frameless systems that create a sleek and minimalist look, and also feature colours that can complement your interior design perfectly. We also stock glass pocket doors that can be customised to suit your internal décor. Pocket doors are the multi-functional, neat and tidy solution you won’t believe you used to live without.

Easy-to-install: Our kits come with full instructions and we also have an instructional video to help you with the installation process.

Accessories: Pocket doors can be retro-fitted in some homes, but on all our systems you can add accessories such as anti-slam and self-closing mechanisms after the doors have been fitted.

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