Working Principle Of Fireproof Shutter Door

- Feb 04, 2019-

Fire shutter door by the sensor to provide a trigger signal to the control system, the control system according to the current position of the fast shutter door issued instructions to the inverter, start the drive motor to make the curtain rise quickly, the vehicle pedestrian through the curtain automatically drop, close the channel, Until the next open door signal is turned on again. As the name suggests, the fast shutter door lifting speed is very fast, can not be like the steel coil gate directly start and stop, generally need the inverter to control the speed of the motor. The faster the ascent, the better, when in place (around 20cm) need to have a deceleration buffer stop process to prevent impact orbit,

Prevent clamping and reduce noise, which is also a measure of the performance of fast shutter doors. Fire Fire Protection Shutter door belongs to the content of fire installation works, and the installed fire shutter door belongs to the building fire protection facilities, may not be arbitrarily disassembled or changed. If you want to carry out the relevant operation, first need to draw a good layout map of the job site, indicating the previous situation and the layout of the change, together with the company's qualifications to get the District Fire Department (small works are generally Brigade tube) window registration, after the construction, after the construction of the need to report the acceptance application