Wood Fire Rated Door With Greenheart Wood Frame

- Dec 26, 2019-

We have received one customer from South America who needs one wood of greenheart. This is also ideal material to process our fire rated wooden door rated 20mintue, 30minute, 45minute and 60 minute. May this material brings much more lucky to our customers.

Greenheart is an extremely dense durable timber which is often used in heavy duty, marine and freshwater construction. Alongside Teak, Greenheart, is one of the few timbers which has a long lifespan when used in marine environments making it perfect for outdoor use and boat building.

The main advantages of working with this timber is its sheer strength and density which make it ideal for a wide range of heavy duty and commercial uses. Boats, bridges, decking, flooring, chemical vats and much more can be machined and crafted out of Greenheart wood.

As the wood is naturally resistant to infestation greenheart is used a lot in the Caribbean where wood ants cause problems when Pine is used instead.

Look at some pictures

greenheat wood door manufacturer asicofiredoor image asicofiredoor manufacturer fire rated wood door