What Are The Tricks For Choosing A Fire Door?

- Feb 05, 2019-

Fire door market is roughly divided into wooden fire doors and steel fire doors, some consumers have misconceptions, that the wood fire door flame retardant effect will be much less than steel, must be early to get rid of this wrong idea, as long as the wooden fire door after excellent flame retardant treatment, its flame retardant effect will be no less than the steel fire door.

Fire Door Wooden fire door appearance than steel more beautiful, easy to install not to say that the flame retardant effect is more decorative and beautiful role. Steel materials are required to brush a few layers of thick fireproof paint on the surface in order to have a flame retardant effect, steel heating is much faster than wood, deformation will be much faster than wood. For example, in 911, the World Trade Center in New York was not wrecked by a plane, but because the steel structure was melted by high heat and the whole building collapsed.