What Are The Protective Measures For Fire Doors?

- Jan 12, 2019-

Before installing the steel fire door must first check whether the door has a bad place, to ensure safety before installation, but also pay attention to the sides of the gate to do a good job of protection measures, so as not to be broken or scratched, affecting the quality of the fire door. The appearance of the product should be flat, smooth, no obvious dent or stiff damage, welding should be firm, welding point dispersion symmetrical, should not be false welding, burning wear, leakage welding and other signs, wood fire door cutting angle, stitching should be firmly flat, plywood does not allow to scrape through the surface veneer, door frame should be set up fire seal, Fire doors can not hear the empty sound, high-quality steel fire door welding firm, welding point dispersion symmetry, external appearance spraying smooth and smooth, in the designated location should be product signs, door thickness should be greater than or equal to the sample shape of the door fan thickness, frame side wall width should be greater than equal to the shape of the frame side wall width.

Fireproof glass dimensions should be less than or equal to the sample morphology of the fireproof glass dimensions, fireproof glass thickness should be greater than or equal to the thickness of the fireproof glass in the sample morphology. To ensure that the performance of the fire door must have the correct protection measures, in the handling should be the first pad, and then carry out, when the release should pay attention to the cushion and discharge neatly. Door door installation After the completion of inspection, to see if the protective film is damaged, there are no stains on the facade, found that the problem to be resolved as soon as possible. Assemble the facade must be put in place, lock up the door, to avoid being knocked on. At the end of the time to protect the film on the outer bread of the door, when handling must not break the protective film.