UL Wood Fire Rated Door W/ Metal Frame

- Mar 14, 2020-

Metal frame or wood frame? There is no problem by us. Because Asico door has been tested to standard of ASTM/NFPA/UL10(B),10(C). 

We live in a time which the security of our homes and business, and the safety of our families are our primary concern. If you are considering an increase in security features, one of the first important thing is your door frame. 

Wood frames have been the norm for many years, they can be debilitated and weathered over time, allowing stangers easy access to our homes. So replace it by metal door frame is much better. 

Asico metal frame can be matching the wood door leaf color and grain after finished with wood texture hot transfer. Solid color or wood grain is optional. Furthermore metal frame is safer because it is extremely difficult to beak down a door that has a metal frame. 

Here is a modern door with metal frame picture. 

wood door with metal frame by asicofiredoor