The Difference Between Fire Gate And Anti-theft Door

- Feb 16, 2019-

The anti-theft door must have the "FAM" sign, and refer to the anti-theft security door general technical conditions gb17565-2007. Although the fire door is also made of steel, but the door plate is filled with fireproof materials, door steel thickness also has different requirements.

According to the implementation of the new version of the Fire Gate National Standard gb_12955-2008, Fire door Refractory test method qualified, and obtained the Ministry of Economy Standard Inspection Bureau issued a verification login certificate and authorized identification of the person, called the Fire Door Fire Door: The main use lies in fire prevention, there is a strong fire resistance, so the selection of materials need to have a high degree of burning, high temperature resistance, not only their own non-release of toxic gases and can be a good barrier to the entry of toxic gases, in general, fire doors with smooth surface, elegant appearance, flexible opening, rugged, easy to use Safe and reliable characteristics.

There are many kinds of fire doors, such as according to the material, there are wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, steel and wood fire doors, other fire doors and so on. Steel fireproof door, national fire Class A or grade B Fire door standard, (internal fill fire door core) Grade A B standard is generally divided into anti-combustion time.

At the same time in the following aspects to achieve anti-pry requirements:

Door frame thickness 1.5, fan front and back steel plate thickness is 0.8 (compared with Ding-class anti-theft door less side lock and heaven and Earth Lock)

Lock has anti-pry function, that is, the lock body has both oblique lock tongue, but also can spit out the square lock tongue, the room has the function of fast opening, for the best twist, but do not install heaven and earth Lock. Lock and Cat's eye must have fire detection report. At the time of acceptance, merchants are required to provide fire-type recognition certificates, fire detection reports.

Fire detection Report of lock and Cat's eye.

Door opening direction for the rapid evacuation direction, can not be opened inside. Steel fire Door According to the installation location is divided into, into the fire door, pipe wells fire door, aisle fire door.