Requirements For The Sealing Of Fire Doors

- Jan 20, 2019-

The national standard has the clear requirement to the gap size of each connection of the fire door: to the steel fire door, the fan and the door frame must be connected not less than 10mm, and the gap between the fan and the door frame must not be greater than 4mm.

After the fire door installation is closed, the gap can not be too large, otherwise the closed performance of the fire door is difficult to ensure, but also difficult to reflect its fire under the conditions of fire and flue gas spread effect. Therefore, the width of the remaining seam installed in the fire door must be strictly controlled.

According to these standard specifications installed, to a certain extent to ensure the effective role of fire doors, consumers in the employment of construction units must be supervised on the sidelines, to prevent them from cutting corners and other problems, so that the fire door will not be in the event of fire caused by casualties.