Necessity Of Closed-door Device In Steel Fire Door

- Feb 28, 2019-

Necessity of closed-door device in steel fire door 

First of all, the first role is the damping buffer effect, the rapid opening to the positioning of the damping buffer, and the damping buffer force and category can be forced to regulating, the effect is used to guard against the rapid opening of the door or lock on the wall, or emergency escape when the guard in the rapid opening of the fire door, weightlessness and tilt forward to the ground.

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There is also because people panic, too much force to cause a great reaction, to prevent a huge reaction to hurt the situation. Steel Fire Door Shutters The second function is to delay the slow closing, the door from the maximum position of the door to start the uniform slow closure, can be adjusted according to the specific impulse. More suitable for use in more people's occasions, especially hospitals, welfare homes and other places with the elderly, children and the disabled. Can be in the door weight and door width of a large difference between the door placement, as well as special circumstances, resulting in large closing resistance occasions.