Materials Inside The Fire Door Should Be Noted

- Feb 18, 2019-

About the fire door, after the production of the time, not only to apply to very good steel, together also to pay attention to its internal filling data, if it is the usual door, and it in the production of the time, can use the usual filling data, but for this kind of door, but also on the need to pay attention.

Because the main role of the fire door is fire prevention, and it is in the fire, its own steel can reach the role of heat transfer, so it only does not burn, but still can not reach the fire, but on the inside of this door, it uses what kind of filler information, is usually very important. Generally speaking, fire door manufacturers It is usually used in the internal filling data, and in this case, it can also allow it to reach the role of insulation, otherwise, it in the high temperature, the interior will still be burned, or not burned, but can not reach the heat insulation request, and so on, It will also have a fire impact on all goods.