Knowing The Knowledge Of Fire Doors

- Jul 25, 2019-

Knowing the knowledge of these fire doors is good for us to have a safe fireproof door, which is good for our safe life.


First of all, how to distinguish the fire door is good or bad.To identify the authenticity of the fire door must show several hardware: a fire door identity card, the certificate into the computer by a special tool to scan, in the Ministry of public security on the web page can view specific information; the two is to look at the fire door on metal nameplate, which are marked with specific parameters; in addition, there must be a store in its test report and certificate. As long as these hardware doors are qualified fire doors. The fire department to remind the general public, in addition to the normal increase of fire products more understanding, to find the sale of fake fire products acts as the bold report, jointly safeguard and purify the market fire products, so fake fire products have no place to hide.


Second, which parts need to install fire doors?. At present, the market competition is very fierce, and the products of various trades are also multifarious. As for the fire door industry, the hidden danger is everywhere. In the news report, the safety accidents caused by improper design of fire door occur frequently. Market irregularities, is the main reason for this phenomenon. But, if manufacturers have good work ethics, design and manufacture everything strictly, where can such a thing come from? In the construction of fire doors design, should be in accordance with the nature of the building, type, in strict accordance with fire technical specifications, reasonable fire doors, and not arbitrarily reduce the fire door grades.


Different building types, fire door design is also different:

Grade 0: no defined corrosion resistance

Grade 1 or A: mild resistance

Grade 2 or C: moderate resistance

Grade 3: high resistance

Grade 4: very high resistance