Introduction To Material Differentiation Of Steel Fire Door Structure Materials

- Feb 02, 2019-

Introduction to the difference of steel fire door structure materials.

The use of fire doors has been a common social phenomenon, widely used by many civil buildings or commercial buildings, as a fireproof material to enhance the fire safety performance of buildings. Steel fire doors have all-steel fire doors and steel wooden fire doors, these two fireproof doors in the material is somewhat different.

Next, we fire door manufacturers to introduce you to the two types of steel fire door materials are different.

All steel fire doors door frame, fan skeleton and fan panel are made of steel materials, in the door filled with non-toxic and harmless fireproof insulation materials, and then the use of fireproof hardware accessories to do connectors and fasteners, being able constitute a steel fire door with excellent refractory properties. Steel wooden fire doors use steel and refractory wood materials to make door frames, fan skeletons and fan panels, and the interior is also filled with fireproof materials. Steel wood fire door not only fire, heat insulation and other excellent performance, but also has a very strong decorative effect.

Fire door manufacturers to produce this type of fire door style is also more, fashionable fashion, won the favor of customers. The above is the whole steel fire door and steel wood fire door material difference comparison, more fire door information you can directly consult our fire door manufacturers.