How To Choose High Quality Fireproof Door

- Jan 09, 2019-

How to buy high quality fire doors. Fire doors as the first role of family fire prevention is particularly important, but when you buy shoddy fire doors, fire doors are no longer fireproof, what should you do? The fire departments of the cities investigated and destroyed a number of shoddy fire doors with honeycomb paper instead of fireproof filling materials, in this fire crews introduced several tips to buy high-quality fire door know-how. According to the regulations, steel, wood fire doors According to the fire resistance limit can be divided into Class A, grade B, Class C three categories, fire resistance limit requirements of 90 minutes, 60 minutes and 30 minutes respectively, and used to make wood fire door wood needs to be dry and flame-retardant treatment, the hardware accessories used must also be fireproof hardware accessories. The purchase of high-quality fire doors have three major tricks, the first trick is to check the appearance, high-quality steel  Fire Door welding firm, Welding point distribution is uniform, the outer surface spraying smooth. and qualified wooden fire door appearance should be complete, no breakage, surface net light, no planer marks, burrs and hammer printing, cutting angle, stitching should be strict and smooth, in the specified location should be product signs, quality inspection qualified signs and quality certification (recognition) qualified signs. The second trick is to the number, the shape of the qualified product should be less than or equal to the sample description of the dimensions, the fan thickness should be greater than or equal to the sample description of the fan thickness, the door frame side wall width should be greater than or equal to the sample description of the door frame side wall width, fireproof glass dimensions should be less The thickness of the fireproof glass shall be greater than or equal to the thickness of the fireproof glass in the sample description. The third trick is to look at the seal, qualified steel, wood fire door should be set up fire sealing strip, the seal should be straight, no arch, and there is a national testing agency issued by the qualified testing report.