Hollow Metal Door Company

- Dec 21, 2020-

Asico Door is a hollow metal door company which has a broad offering of standard hollow metal doors in steel sheet gauges ranging from 20 to 16. Asico has a variety of infilling options including honeycomb, steel stiffened and polyurethane. Fire ratings are available from 20 minutes up to 3 hours.


With high quality materials, custom size and style choices, the hollow metal doors and frames are able to provide ensured safety, pleasing design and excellent durability. Each set of metal doors and frames reinforces Asico's commitment to offering reliable and durable solutions for door openings.


The biggest advantage of the hollow metal doors and frames is their availability in many different applications including hotels, hospitals, apartments, shopping mall, data centers, school, airports and so on. Correspondingly each application may also have a special requirement for hardware option, which the full set of Asico’s UL listed hardware can meet well.

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