Fire Proof Door

- Apr 30, 2019-

China's largest wooden door manufacturing center in the world, wooden fire doors are a new type of door, a high-tech product. Wood fire doors are widely used in various civil buildings and some industrial buildings because of their beautiful appearance, convenient installation, good decorative performance and superior fire performance. This research uses self-made green environmental protection flame retardant system and new structure design to prepare wooden fire doors, which can solve the quality problems of traditional wood fire doors with low flame retardant efficiency, environmentally friendly production process and poor structural stability. In addition, it has reasonable cost and green color. The characteristics of environmental protection and beautiful appearance have great advantages in the market.


Since we were in elementary school, public fire education programs informed us that closed doors are better than open doors in protecting firefighters from fire and from the products of combustion. Since we were in Firefighter I class, we have known that some doors are listed as fire-rated and need to be kept closed (or held open by a smokeoperated door holder) and that other doors are not fire-rated.


The standard to which fire-rated door and frame assemblies are tested is National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Station 252, Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies, 2012 edition (also referenced as UL 10B and formerly as ASTM E152 or ASTM E2074). The door and frame assemblies are rated according to the length of time they can withstand the furnace test within the test parameters. The fire door ratings under NFPA 252 (2012 edition) are 20 minutes, 30 minutes, ¾ hour, 1 hour, 1½ hours, and 3 hours. Doors are also rated in hourly increments over three hours, but these ratings are not often used because of their cost. See NFPA 252 Chapter 8 and Section for detailed information on the test and ratings.