Fire Doors With Different Materials Have Different Effects

- Feb 21, 2019-

As the most important part of fire fighting equipment, there are many types of fire doors and material production is also significantly different, we also see usually including wood, steel, steel wood and other materials, and they need to install the use of fire shutters in most cases, so that it can automatically shut down the door when the fire occurs.

To ensure that the effective barrier to the spread of fire, as well as the effect of blocking the flue gas, to facilitate rapid escape, but different materials of products in the fire effect may be different, and the price will vary. Whether it is wooden fire doors, or steel wood or steel doors, they need to door frames, fan skeletons, door panels for the use of insulated flame retardant materials, whether it is refractory wood, or non-toxic fire insulation materials and fireproof hardware accessories, are in order to use the time to have a better fire resistance, the effect of the performance will be very in place