Fire Doors Are Generally Located In The Following Areas

- Feb 01, 2019-

Fire doors are generally located in the following areas. (1) Close the evacuation staircase leading to the walkway; Close the elevator room to the front room and front room leading to the walkway door. (2) inspection doors for vertical piping wells such as cable wells, pipe wells, flue drains, garbage lanes, etc. (3) Divide the fire protection zoning and control the firewall and the door on the fireproof wall set by the zoning area. When it is difficult to set up a firewall or fire door in a building, replace it with a fireproof shutter door and protect it with a water curtain. (4) Specifications (such as gb50016-2014 "Code of Fire protection for architectural design") or design special requirements for fire prevention, smoke-proof wall partition door. For example: attached to the high-rise civil construction of the fixed fire extinguishing device equipment room (cylinder room, foam station, etc.), ventilation, air conditioning machine room, such as the wall should be used grade A fire door, often people stay or combustible more in the basement room wall on the door, should be used grade A fire door, due , gas boiler, fuel oil immersion power transformer, filled with fuel-resistant high-voltage capacitors and switches, etc., the special room wall on the door, should be used Class A fire door. There are special requirements for the design of fire protection of the door, such as fire Control and command center, archival information room, valuables warehouse, such as the door, usually choose Grade A or Class B fire door. High-rise senior residential building sub-door, often the use of fireproof anti-theft door. GB 12955-2008 demand for fire door refractory performance fire doors are an important part of fire fighting equipment, is an important link in social fire prevention, fire doors should be installed fire doors door shutters or set up to open fire doors in the event of fire can automatically shut down the door-closure device (except for the use of special parts, such as pipeline well doors, etc.). That is to say, in addition to some special parts, such as pipe well doors, these do not need to install a door-closure device, the other parts are required to install the fire doors closed device