Fire Door Manufacturers Introduce Wooden Door Shopping Mistakes

- Feb 26, 2019-

Fire door manufacturers introduce wooden door shopping errors, we introduce to you. To undertake wooden doors, doors, door, indoor doors, kitchen doors, steel into the door, wood into the door, stainless steel into the door, armored doors, aluminum alloy into the door, into the door project. Steel wooden Door 400-920-0287 021-39904338 Welcome to call! Wood as a material close to nature, deeply loved by people, for this reason, wood door products are also favored by many consumers. Many consumers have special feelings for wooden doors, but there are some errors in the wood door related products, resulting in the purchase of wooden doors when there are some misconceptions.

Many people think that the heavier the wooden door means the better the quality of the door, the pure solid wood door is the best door, solid wood furniture and so on is the most environmentally friendly and so on such a view, in fact, is not entirely right. Wooden door use of the environment also affects the wooden door, in wet or too dry environment, solid wood door easy to deform, sunlight, home air conditioning appliances, heating and so on are more or less easy to cause wood door deformation. Therefore, pure solid wood door is the best, solid wood furniture The most environmentally friendly comments are also unscientific. In fact, the single weight can not judge the inner body of the door, because now a lot of particleboard weight is heavier than the real board, why this is the case? Because the particleboard is the use of a lot of broken wood chips as raw materials, in the process of making door panels added a lot of adhesives, and then pressed into. This results in a heavy overall weight, but the adhesive accounts for a large proportion. However, some teak on the market ah, such as some stable wood their density is not high, so the heavier the wood door the better view is wrong.