Fire Door Factory Brief Analysis Of Fire Door Engineering Safety Technology

- Jan 19, 2019-

Smoke-proof doors, also known as fire doors, are used to maintain the refractory integrity of fire escape channels and to provide a way to escape the door.

The aim is to ensure that those who are escaping within the fire escape are protected from the threat of fires, including the blocking of smoke and heat, for a reasonable period of time (usually the time of escape).

Wooden door in place before nailing, help the door and window people must not let go, may not leave the post;

Fan paint must not leak brush;

Do not pull the power line without authorization, do not unauthorized maintenance of electric drill, chainsaw and other motor tools;

The use of human word ladder ascending operation, the ladder should be rigid drawing top, ladder foot should be anti-skid measures.

Strict implementation of safety procedures, safety discipline and on-site safety production, safety and fire prevention and civilized construction and other rules and regulations; First check the use of Hammer, chainsaw, electric drill is safe and reliable, plug intact, power cord insulation without breakage, do not drag the ground.

The electric shock protector is sensitive, protects 0 meridians and the shell is secure, and the repeated grounding is not less than two places;

Check the tool bag commonly used hammer, ruler and so on is complete, firm and effective, to prevent the removal of the handle injury;

Lift and carry the door do not touch, touch, press the power supply wire. Door in the installation process, taking into account the bending deformation of the door frame this problem, in the door frame width direction with the wooden fang support up, the door frame under the foot buried under the ground 20mm, and then the door frame and the wall on the pre-buried parts welding. Then open a hole in the wall on the upper corner of the door frame, pouring cement, sand, expansive perlite (1:2:5) of concrete, such as concrete after solidification can be used.