Commercial Wood Door With Metal Frame

- Jan 26, 2021-

Wood door with metal frame is best combination for UL listed higher Fire rated door on building construction, it bring a beautiful appearance and reach to fire proof function in commercial mansion, it could be used hotel interior room, corridor, passage and other location.


Wood door with metal frame also can be used for exterior applications, although without warranty as is the case for practically all flush solid core wood doors. However need end-user make regular proper maintenance and protect doors with covering shed.


Most certainly you can order our Solid Core Wood Door and Metal Frame Complete Unit with a at most 100 sq. inch safety glass. We’d make technical drawing with all door size and hardware list included for your checking clearly.


Is there any follow-up questions that we might try to answer? We take great pride in our technical expertise, as we know it differentiates us from our competitors, so feel free to request it.

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