Commercial Fire Rated Door In High-rise Building

- Jan 08, 2021-

Due to the development of modern cities, commercial places have gradually increased, and the number of high-rise buildings has increased year by year. Whether it is a commercial office building or a residential apartment, high-rise buildings have become the mainstream of architecture. Although this makes it easier for humans to enjoy a convenient life, it also has certain safety risks.


Studies have shown that more and more serious fires mostly occur in high-rise buildings, and high-rise buildings are not suitable for people to escape and save themselves because it takes much longer to escape from high-rise users than low-rise users. In this case, the application of fire doors creates a safety protection for people. When a fire broke out, the fire door gave us more time to wait for rescue or escape.


The entrance doors, stairwells, corridors, basements, storage rooms and other places in high-rise buildings should be equipped with fireproof doors with different fire protection times.

ASICO DOOR specializes in providing UL standard fire-resistant doors for high-rise buildings, such as normally closed fire doors, emergency exit fire doors, etc. For any purchase requirements related to fire doors, please contact us.

commercial hollow metal fire doors