China Hollow Metal Door

- Aug 05, 2019-

Hollow metal door are made of channel reinforced steel sheets and filled with insualtion materials such as mineral rock wool, kraft honeycomb or polyurethane. Asico Door standard metal doors are 1-3/4”thick and are powder coated finished.

Hollow metal door from China Asico Door are shown to have superior performance for strength and durability compared to the alternative suppliers. Asico Door metal door are originally UL tested with related certification and labels.

Here is the UL certification:

Asico UL certificate-1   Asico UL certificate-2

Each door is with UL label on the door leaf and frame:

  Asico UL fire door leaf   Asico UL fire door frame


Good packagings and pallet transportation make the shipment easy and safe.

Asico fire door packagings

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