Beech Wood Fire Rated Door For Qatari Hotel

- Dec 27, 2019-

Beech wood — mostly yellows with moderate brown variation. The grain of the wood is straight, and mostly closed, with a fine, uniform texture. Beechwood door surfaces may sometimes have a silvery sheen. Although beechwood is difficult to work with hand tools, it does have good machining qualities. Beech was once neglected as a resource because of the tendency of the wood to crack during air drying. But in modern wooden doors become more valuable It use also in domestic and commercial flooring, furniture, decorative veneers, and musical instruments.

Asico offered beech wood doors to one Qatari hotel project. Asico specializes in mass production of wooden door for export to the USA, Canada, the Middle East. Only quality materials are used. Used wood held and natural drying chamber, eliminating the occurrence of cracks during use. Glue and nail the use of environment - friendly best manufacturers in China. 

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