Asico Always Offers Customizd Timber Fire Door

- Sep 30, 2019-

Asico Door as a professional manufacturer always offers customized timber fire door.

You may choose flush door or panel door.

Flush door can be finished with nature wood veneer or high pressure laminate( HPL) The fire rating time can be 20minutes, 45minutes,60minutes and 90minutes following American UL 10(b), UL 10(c), NFPA252, ASTM E2074.

Asico UL fire door

Panel door can be shaker door and stile&rail door( for fire rating 20minutes only)

Asico panel door

Except timber fire door, Asico Door also supplys UL hollow metal door and BS476 wooden fire door FD30,FD60,FD90,FD120. With experience and quality products, Asico Door would assist you on your project work and private housing.