Application Of Fire Door In Real Life

- Jan 15, 2019-

Steel fire Door has a very good fire protection effect, can have a very good adaptability to the environment, good thermal insulation to ensure that there will be no accidents in the event of fire, which also let friends give a thumbs up. has been well used in the home gate and the outside of the factory warehouse, can ensure that anti-theft can also be fireproof, can be said to play a multi-faceted protection role.

The product is made of superior stainless steel, in the high temperature forging, can eradicate the low carbon elements in the metal, so that steel becomes more tough, can play a more ideal anti-theft effect, and after a long period of use will not appear rust phenomenon, you can rest assured that the use. Newly developed products have been very good use in life, good quality and affordable prices, has become the home life and factory warehouse facade first choice, because the product in life should be recognized by the public friends, manufacturers on this basis to enhance the safety and fire resistance, The design of the wicket has also entered more elements that can bring a safety guarantee to life, and many friends are happy for it.