Advantage Of Asico Wooden Fire Door

- Jan 20, 2021-


Ø  Fire rating

Asico wooden fire door---fire rated time could up to 90 minutes for uniform appearance on every projects.


Ø  Filling Option

20mins wooden fire door filling in particle board core, and 45-90mins filling in mineral core.


Ø  Door size

Wide range of door sizes, single doors max width is 4’ and double doors up to 8’, with door heights up to 8 feet. No matter commercial building or residential could also find suitable doors and frame.


Ø  Prep holes, install directly

In order to make the assemble more convenient, we prep holes in our factory. If you use your own hardware, just provide us a drawing of that.


Ø  Customized door frame

Our frame can be customized, There is no need to worry about the wall being too thick and causing the installation failure.


Ø  Available finished

Variety of finishes from high pressure laminate to wood veneer, to match any decoration style or color.


Ø  Gasket System

In order to increase the fire performance of fire doors, Asico supply gasket system, such as: intumescent fire seal, smoke seal, automatic bottom seal, door sweep and etc.

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