A New Hotel Started Construction

- Apr 03, 2020-

A new hotel started construction in the middle of March of 2020. Now it has been stopped due to some reasons. 

A customer from Europe asked for a quotation on FD60( fire door 60 minutes) After received the door schedule and hardware schedule, we have made several proposals with different wood species, standards, and surface finish. Finally we have confirmed the natural wood veneer stain finish BS476 standard fire door. This is for door and frame, architrave. The accessories will be chosen Chinese local brand CE marked, like Electronic Mortice Lock, Concealed Door Closer, Butt Hinges, Door Viewer, Door Safety Latch and so on. Generally these are standard hardwares for hotel room door. Asico offers high quality fire door and assembly for your projects including hotel, school, hospital, apartment building, residential building, industrial area and so on. Welcom to us for more business.