1 1/2 Hour Wood Fire Door W/ Metal Frame

- Sep 09, 2020-

Asico are pleased to announce a successful plan to offer wooden fire rated door with hollow metal frame. This doorset is consisit of UL listed wood fire door slab and metal frame. Now it has been launched since 2019 and gradually becomes our main products. 

The doors are designed specifically for hotels, schools, hospitals, residential buildings, office buildings etc. The doors have excellent low life cycle costs, durability and traffic resistance. 

Asico continually invests in new materials and fire tests to ensure that our customers get the best possible door solutions. We are able to provide with unique combination of both a metal frame and fire rated doors where both durability and fire protection are priorities. Most importantly, Asico always pays attention to the doors quality and quotes a competitive price for customers. This is to support our clients who can achieve an ideal target on budget and project acceptance.  

Welcome to Asico! You will find the good solutions to your projects.