Wood Door Fire Labels

- Oct 28, 2019-

A fire door is a sealed door between compartments, meant to prevent or slow the spread of fire, smoke and heat between those compartments. Fire doors are generally fire-resistant sealed frame doors, made of various materials and installed in fire rated walls.

Fire door requirements are set by National Fire Protection Assocoation, and these requirements have been incorporated into most local building codes in the United States with little to no modification. Asico door fabricates the fire door following the NFPA, ASTM, UL 10(C) standards including wood fire door, hollow metal door. While offering the fire door to customers, there is one important thing to the fire door is the labels.

The lable is marked on the fire door leaf and frame including the UL file number and fire door manufacturer information. Any fire door supplier can use the UL label if pass the UL test and approved by the UL listed label manufacturer.

Asico door has passed the UL fire door test of hollow metal door and steel fire door. Each door is with UL label on fire door leaf and frame. The frame can be hollow metal frame or wood frame.

Here attached is the UL label:

Asico Steel door  (18)