Why Do We Need A Panic Push Bar?

- Jul 27, 2020-

We usually see a panic push bar on a fire doors, why should we use it? Isn’t a handle lock enough for fire emergency?


The answer is YES. Panic push bar has irreplaceable advantage during an fire emergency. When people is running out of a burning building, temperature of the handle is likely to be burned very hot and on the other hand, pushing the door to open take much shorter time than to rotate the handle. In such an emergency, people usually lose their ability to control their power which can lead to a failure to get out of the building. At last, panic push bar is specially designed for fire emergencies and it can be push to open at any time, no matter it’s lock from outside or not, this is really important to the affected people. As is known to all, people lose their lives more likely due to the smoke instead of fire, every single second counts badly in the situation.

Since panic push bar is especially designed for fire emergency, it has higher durability than other locks.