Why are most fire doors look similar

- Oct 22, 2020-

Why are the structure and appearance of many fire doors on the market very similar? ASICO can explain it briefly for you.

Each market has met related fire door standards and certificates, such as UL certification, BS certification, and so on. This ensures to a certain extent that most doors conforming to local market norms meet the corresponding standards, leading to the consistency of the structure. 

In addition, the installation position of most hardware is similar, which is related to people's life habits. For example, the vision panel on the fire door is mostly used for people to observe the situation outside the door, so the installation height should match the visual height of most people. The installation position of the door closer is related to its closing angle, such as opening the door at 90 degrees or 180 degrees. The push rod lock commonly used for escape is generally installed at a position 36'-40' from the bottom of the door, which is convenient for people to touch and escape in an emergency. The same is true for other hardware. 

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