What is the development prospect of fire door market in China

- Jan 30, 2019-

The request for consumer fire doors is very high, not like the ordinary anti-theft door enterprises, fire door industry must go through the approval of the public security departments, access to the Public Security Department announced the consumption of the certificate can consume fire doors. and Nanjing Guotai not only obtained the approval certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Security, in the market demand will be in short supply. At present, the fire door market mainly exists  "Three no " problem, many fire door manufacturers impersonate on the track of enterprises to consume fire doors, reduce technology consumption, the formation of product irregularities, such fire doors do not have the role of fire separation, So many people complain that they can always buy fake fire doors. There are many unscrupulous enterprises in order to seek benefits using impersonation of fake and shoddy information to impersonate fire doors, in fact, about fire prevention basically does not play any role. In response to this phenomenon, the country has made relevant rules, each fire door needs to be affixed to the location, as a person's telephone,


    Unit title and Fire Door standard certificate, so that once the outbreak of fire, will implement the manufacturer, the manufacturer will also be duly punished.


    Large-scale fire enterprises in the basic adhere to the integrity of business, strict quality, about the fire door consumption technology is extremely focused on, collaborative sales of manufacturers are also throughout the country, in the fire door market has a good reputation. In order to respond to the changes in the period of fire shutter, some out-of-business enterprises have accelerated the pace of information establishment, numerous search for the appropriate form of their own fire shutter doors. The establishment of the company's letter fireproof roll Curtain does bring greater effort to the entire manufacturing system, especially the fireproof shutter is on this shared information platform, Can be very good timely understanding of some of the dynamic data in the manufacturing process, through the analysis of these data, the adoption of relevant resolution programs to control the production process.

18--UL Steel Fire Door(001)