What is a barn door used for

- Feb 07, 2021-

Anyone being starting to think about a major home renovation might have probably seen a lot of nice shots of sliding barn doors. Despite the rustic name, interior barn doors is able to fit into any style of interior style space while providing a healthy dose of functionality.

Still, barn doors aren‘t necessarily beloved due to its characters. Barn doors are beautiful, but it has nothing to do with good sealing. Therefore, barn doors could result a series of embarrassing situations when they are placed in inappropriate locations. 

The biggest draw of barn doors, beyond their visual appeal, may be their ability to maximize space. Without needing to account for the space a traditional door needs to swing open, people have a little more flexibility in small spaces, especially if they’re trying to squeeze a lot of furniture into the room. This works especially well in bathrooms, which are often on the smaller side.

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