The widespread popularization of fire doors in fire

- Jan 07, 2019-

Class A fire door is a special door, its main role is not anti-theft, but fire prevention, its material is the use of very high purity of steel, this material is not flammable in the fire, can effectively control the fire, And according to statistics, most of the casualties in the fire are due to smoke obstruction of people's breathing and thus death as a result of inhaling too much toxic substances or asphyxiation, in the face of which people should first use wet cloth to cover their mouth and nose and try to breathe in a lower position, can allow a large number of inhaled toxic substances to reduce,

At this point, if there is a special door for fire prevention, it should be quickly pulled down to ensure that the smoke does not enter the unburned space, and then further self-rescue or help. Have to say is because many merchants do not want to carry out fire prevention and refuse to install fire doors, so that in the event of a fire is difficult to be controlled, which is very incorrect practice, to know that human life safety is much higher than the value of a door, even if not considering life,

The use of fireproof devices can also allow economic losses to be well controlled in fires, so it is still recommended that each person in charge install such fireproof devices in the public places in which they are responsible, especially in places where flammable products are concentrated. According to the relevant provisions of the country standards, within a certain area range, some special nature of the site need to prepare a fire door. Class A fire door in addition to as a common door can have insulation and windproof so that people indoors in a comfortable environment to live and work, there is a special role is in the event of a fire can organize the spread of fire, Reduce the loss of property and manpower. Class A fire door manufacturers produce grade A fireproof doors in line with the relevant national technical standards.

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