The max size of the fire door

- Dec 23, 2020-

When some purchasers look for the fire doors, some overbig size(more than the regular requirements of steel fire door industry) will be mentioned, most clients understand it after hearing what we have explained, but there are still a part of people may still not understand: why the size of fire doors can’t be bigger? Today we will make a brief description of the size requirements of commercial fire doors.


The production size depends on the approval qualification obtained by manufacturer when they applying for the production license. The doors produced by fire door factories must be manufactured in strict accordance with the style and size range showed on their certificates. For example, if the certificate marked the max size is 8’ x 8’, it means the max size of fire doors the factory can produce is 8’ x 8’. If the company provide the goods that exceed the max size, the products are ineligible. It is same with producing without the certificate.


Therefore, when purchasing a fire door for a project or project, it is important to check the inspection report of the fire door factory. If it does not meet the size of the report specification, you should not buy it to avoid the trouble caused by the failure of acceptance.

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