The Importance of Quality Plan for Fire Rated Door In Asico Door

- Apr 08, 2020-

The responsibility for quality control (QC) lies not only within a specific department but is the ultimate responsibility of each employee at each work station to include quality assurance as part of their task. Each department should have a minimum of one (1) person assigned to formulate inspection criteria, monitor, periodically review the QC program in addition to training employees on the importance of a quality control program and how to perform the quality checks.

The goal is to provide defect free products to the end user including:

1. Engineering and fabrication to customer specifications.
2. Proper labeling and packaging of products.
3. Correct quantities.
4. On-time shipments.
5. Delivery of product in an undamaged condition.

Asico makes a complete quality plan which is intended as a guide for our manfacturing factories to develop or enhance the quality control program. Wood fire rated door, hollow metal door, panel door, steel emergency exit fire door are our main products. Strict quality plan helps us improve fabrication and after-sales service capability. The basics of a quality control program are outlined and these will beed modification based on station department production flow in our factories.