The e-commerce road of Fireproof shutter door o2o is the breakthrough

- Feb 04, 2019-

Double 11 fire shutter door Enterprise online sales of the good news, so that a lot of fire shutter door enterprises see hope, so the numerous preparations for a few days after the  "double 12 ", Fire shutter door e-commerce .This topic, has not been a novelty, the beginning of the Internet + concept proposed, By December, it was still like a hot fire in winter. But under the sound of calling for e-commerce, fire shutter doors Electric Short board let the industry headache. With regard to the electro-commercial short Board of Fireproof shutter doors, the industry insiders think that they can deal with it from three aspects.

26--Single Steel Fire Door(001)

First, the transformation form to deal with logistics 0 Single logistics can not deal with the fire door network purchase b2c "last kilometer " problem, and the transport time is long, the cost is too high. But unlike the B2C form, the O2O Center is to bring the online consumer to the ideal store, the O2O form of the logistics rely on the obvious landing, so that logistics can be stripped of the platform itself,


    Consumers are able to look at the product online and then go to the offline physical store to buy a fireproof shutter door. As a result, the O2O form of the site platform does not have to bear too much logistics pressure.


    Ii. increased transparency of transactions Compared to the B2C form, the O2O form makes the business between the merchant and the user more transparent and more open, which is not only the public transparency of the price, more is not the false offline real experience, as well as the standardized unified buying and selling process. And for the merchant can also go through the line to provide service to affirm the authenticity of netizens,


    Rather than the hype of the website platform.


    Third, enhance the sense of user experience Online shopping has not been a novel thing, more people have recognized the online purchase of this seated consumption form. But home furnishings users want to buy flooring, fireproof shutter doors and other products, but after the introduction of the Internet how can you rest in peace with the order?


    O2O form to deal with this problem very well, after the network to obtain information, and then come to the scene to stop the product of the field proofing, with a good user experience, the product has enough understanding, after the order is logical. Each form of marketing is the opportunity and the fight coexist, the key is to see how the enterprise grasps the opportunity and responds to the fight, the O2O form is also the same. Because consumer demand understands the appearance and quality of fireproof shutter door products face to face, and they have higher requests for after-sales work. Therefore, fire door products are very compatible with O2O online display marketing,


    Experience the characteristics of consumption offline. O2O form makes many fireproof shutter door dealers on the same running line. After the Internet, offline physical stores whether it is a gold business district or a remote block, everyone's chances of acquiring consumers are equal. Even for storefronts in remote areas, discounts, group purchases,


    Coupons and other more favorable ways to absorb more customers offline. O2O line with the line, can move the offline storefront out of the expensive store, will be offline physical stores into warehousing shops, so that it can be a large level of frugal capital. But the whole planning process of O2O is very difficult, but the offline planning is too slow, it is not up on the line to spread the speed, offline planning too fast about the investment of shop funds and storage funds is too onerous test. Instead of thinking about a family to do the whole link of O2O, it is better to think only to do only fire shutter door O2O platform , so that the offline fire door merchants into the platform, online merchants products, service has an objective evaluation reference to the user, the user after the completion of the acquisition, but also in the platform evaluation and scoring, thus constituting a O2O closed-loop.