Present situation and analysis of fire shutter door industry

- Jan 28, 2019-

Over the years, with the development of social and economic construction, fire shutter doors are widely used in industrial and civil construction of fire spacing area, is the modern construction of not short fire protection equipment. Over the past more than 10 years, with the presentation of inorganic and special fireproof shutters and the revision of the Code of Fire protection for high-rise civil construction design, Steel fireproof shutter door application gradually cut, inorganic special fireproof roller gradually turned into the mall  "Bully ", then steel fire shutter future fate how?

12--Beech Veneer Wooden Fire Door

According to the rules of the Code for Fire prevention of high-rise civil construction and design, the fire resistance limit is not less than 3 hours when the fireproof shutter is selected with the condition that the fire surface temperature rise is used as the refractory limit. And steel fireproof shutters are difficult to reach such requests, so many occasions today request the use of special fireproof shutters. As a result, The amount of steel fireproof shutter is decreasing less and more. In addition, it is pointed out that today's shopping malls and the ground floor and other construction design is becoming more and more novel, the Hall and central hall many are shaped, and the span is very large, steel because of its own properties, it is difficult to make a special shape.

However, because the steel fireproof shutter also has its own advantages, therefore, although the amount of steel fireproof shutter will be less and fewer, but it will still exist in the mall, it may eventually be fixed in 10%-20% such a small shopping mall share, the main reason is that the steel fire shutter in the state of not demand fire, It can be used as a anti-theft door, such as shopping malls can be in the import and export office Fire shutter when the use of anti-theft doors, and cloth fire shutter can only fire prevention and can not be anti-theft. Today, this mall contrasts, especially in Hebei Renqiu this block mainly, they  "graft " and other ways to produce counterfeit goods, and malevolent to carry on the price. Fire shutter as a kind of emergency fire protection equipment, no accident at the time, only from the appearance can not see its quality. Only the real fire, out of the finished, the ability to know. And, in the test, only from the surface, the bottom can not distinguish between true and false.

In addition, although some developers and builders know the existence of these questions, many people only have to be tested, regardless of whether the goods are really in line with the specification. BOAO door Industry proposed that the relevant supervision part should be a strict view and supervision of shopping malls, talent to reduce the impersonation of fake and shoddy goods, and impact malevolent competition practices. With the development of social and economic construction, the new type of construction of fire shutter manufacturing skills and installation skills put forward a higher request, such as some exhibition bases, the demand for some large span of fireproof shutter. Facing these new shopping malls, the original manufacturing methods and processing methods are no longer applicable, the introduction said. As a result, The company will be customized according to the different fireproof shutter, and send special skills personnel to carry out the device.