Necessity of installing fire doors in house decoration

- Jan 22, 2019-

Now there are many incidents of building fires, whether man-made or accidental, fire not only threatens people's property security, but also threatens people's lives. As we see these news, we should learn to reflect and learn to protect ourselves. Check whether fire prevention measures have been taken, whether doors and windows have fire protection function, if there is no need to replace fireproof doors and windows.



    Fire door manufacturers remind everyone, consider things to be comprehensive, from the doors and windows, not only can only take into account the possibility of anti-theft, but also to take into account the situation of fire, even if the probability of the latter occurrence is relatively low, but also to do a good job of safety precautions.


    Fire door is a kind of door product which has been widely used in recent years, and its use can enhance fire protection. Fire doors in the installation and use of some details to note, only the installation of fire doors in line with the construction standards, in order to maximize the effectiveness. So, what are the main points of use of fire doors? Fire door manufacturers for your detailed introduction.


    Steel fire doors and wooden fire doors are currently the most widely used two series of fire doors, but because of their different appearance and performance, the scope of application is also different. Because of its monotonous style, steel fire doors are mostly used in industrial buildings and civil buildings with low aesthetic requirements, while wooden fire doors are opposite to steel fire doors. Fire doors are generally placed in the stairwell, front room and walkway and other evacuation paths, in the selection of fire doors to pay attention to specifications, do not open the door when shielding path. The often closed fire doors located in the public channel will affect the ventilation and lighting, and the passage is not convenient, if poor management will lead to the failure of the door shutters and opening and closing Not conducive to the normal use of fire doors, the use of the process to strengthen the maintenance and repair of fire doors.