How to process this access panel door

- May 17, 2019-

The ASICO range of access panels and frames have been rigiously tested for quality and performance respect to relevant fire or acoustic ratings.

The standard Sound Rated Access Panels come with a unique polymer frame, which can be temporarily secured through the face of the frame (yes, even the flanged version) for faster and safer fixing. They are also around 30% lighter which is a big plus for an installer. The contractor has a range of standard or customr sizes to choose from, as well as a choice of locks, hines and finishes to meet their design needs.

Now we would like to submit one question on how to make the special access panels.

Here it is the drawing for one access panel door. You may see the outside is MDF door, and the inside is the FD120 panel door. The question is how to open the access panel door by swinging. I hope anyone who has interest could contact us by email for more comunicating. Appreciate your time and efforts.