How to make a door slab

- Jan 15, 2021-

The door is a commodity that can be seen everywhere, and now we put forward different requirements for the door according to different application scenarios. Not only the appearance, but also its sound insulation, fire prevention, airtightness, antibacterial and even radiation resistance. So today, let us briefly discuss how to make a door.


Generally speaking a door is composed of a slab and a jamb.


Let’s have a look at door slab first. We can regard door slab as 3 components. First of all is the core which is in the middle of door slab, It plays the role of filling the entire door leaf. Based on different material the core can play different roles and have different costs.

Honeycomb paper is one of the cheapest infilling which can only provide support of door leaf and very poor sound&heat insulation.

Foam(polyurethane) is another commercial infilling of doors which has a good sound and heat insulation with a very commercial cost. But it doesn’t support the door well so usually it’s used in fiberglass doors only.

Particle board, plywood and solid wood are very common infilling of doors,

 fire door slab

We’ll talk about other components in future.