How to let the wooden fire door play a fireproof role

- Jan 03, 2019-

Wooden fire doors are made by the use of flame-retardant wood processing, and in the Door to supplement the fire function of the excellent perlite material, is a passing fire products. In the event of a fire alarm, the wooden fire door can play to stop the flame stretch and avoid extinguishing the flue gas activities, and in the Air Supply fragmentary task when the sealing effect. Whether the status of its configuration can be justified, the choice of model can be improper, quality can pass, governance can be in place indirectly involved in the fire protection of wooden fire doors.

From the current situation of all the industry in the fire door, the wooden fire door has not been one-sided, completely play a fireproof impact. So what ability to make wooden fire doors should be affected by the impact? Fire button and wooden fire door, door frame connection is not strong, the connection loose after the fire door helpless abnormal closure. The connection between the wooden fire protection button and the door fan and the wicket is adopted by the wooden screws firmly, and its firm roots are the wood of the door fan and the door frame, while the wood used for the manufacture of fireproof doors is generally more fluffy,

With wood screws to connect the heavy component of the fire door attack button loosening is a morning and evening event. The fire door made the material to fail. The flame retardant solution of wood fireproof door Wood does not meet the request, the wood used is not in accordance with the rules flame retardant solution; external filling of fire insulation data and planning or testing information does not conform to, such as the use of rock wool instead of aluminum silicate fiber cotton or stuffing dissatisfaction, inferior.

The steel fire door of the exterior embossing reduces the thickness of the insulating layer. In order to buy wooden fire doors before, the first choice of enterprises, the brand, to avoid the seizure of quality, failure of the product, for itself there will be a safety hazard.

2--BS Wooden Fire Door Fire Rated 90 minutes(001)