How to install the hollow metal door

- Jul 02, 2019-

Steps for Installing Frames


a) Opening has to be made as per the size of the frame, providing 5mm gap on all the three sides between the frame and the wall.

b) Place the frame in the completed wall opening, check for squareness, mark the wall through the holes in the jamb provided at the anchor points.

c) Insert Expansion Wall Anchor Bolts to the concrete wall.

d) Tighten the anchors continually checking, plumb, square, and twist in the jamb as tightening progresses.

e) Plumb can be checked by the Spirit leveler, Square can be checked by the Right Angle, Twist can be checked visually.

f) Gap between the frame and wall should be covered, as per the material selected by the consultant.


                                        Steps for Installing Doors & Hardware

● Two men will hold the door in place while another and fix it to the frame.

  ● Attach top hinges to the door frame and bottom hinge to the door leaf with screws. 

  ● Position the hinges to the hinge cutouts on the doors and frame and fix the remaining screws then fix the center hinge.

      ● Fix the Lockset on the door set, Flush bolt (Top & bottom of the door) & door closer on the active leaf with the appropriate screws.

      ● Gap around the frame and door should be 3mm on the sides and 4mm on the center of the door.

      ● Proper alignment should be done on door set, after the installation of all the hardware's.