How to Choose A Bathroom Door?

- Apr 02, 2020-

When you will replace doors at home, you may be looking for some help with choosing a new bathroom door. Homeowners may face a few special challenges when choosing a bathroom door. The main concern is the moisture and humidity changes in a bathroom that can damage some types of doors. Here there are some factors like function, aesthetics and cost to help find the best door. 

--Door material

Due to moisture and humidity changes in the bathroom, choose a metal or fiberglass door to avoid these issues. 

--Consider the opening direction

Choose a left-hand or right-hand door because you need the door to open completely without interfering with cabinet drawers or door handles. Also the door should not swing into mirrors or windows and should no tinterfere with entry or egress. 

--Measure the opening dimensions

The door you purchase should be 1/8 inch smaller than the opening both length and width. 

--Design options

No matter what material you choose, you will find flush or paneled doors. Fiberglass door usually has more design options available to choose from. Steel door can be finished with wood grain transfer. 


Steel or wood bathroom doors are painted or unfinished. Generally the prefinished has a longer warranty and a better surface.