How to better meet the demand to help the development of fire doors

- Feb 08, 2019-

According to expert statistics, fire doors are fire isolation equipment that plays a key role in a variety of buildings. Whether the fire door can actually play a role in a fire attack is associated with the size of the loss of fire formation. According to authoritative data statistics, 82% of people who die in fire in densely populated places.


35--Welded Masonry Frame


     It is due to inhalation of indoor decorative data extinguished release of toxic flue gas poisoning asphyxiation. The fatal culprit in a fire accident is often not fire, but smoke. As long before the fire spread, many people were unconscious from inhaling excessive toxic fumes and buried in the fire. In addition to the role of ordinary doors, fire doors have the role of preventing the spread of fire and flue gas diffusion, can prevent the spread of fire in a certain period of time, to ensure the dispersion of personnel. In the event of a fire, Fire doors are a protective door to maintain the wealth of people's lives. This is also the real reason why people compare fire doors to the gates of life. Fire doors are a special commodity. Fire system sources suggest that Shop fire Door must recognize the fire door consumption qualification of enterprises. Fire door consumer Enterprises must obtain the Ministry of Public Security Fire Products Conformity Assessment Center issued by the Fire products recognition certificate in order to consume, sell and install. Only enterprises that have obtained a recognized certificate shall not sell the certificate until it has been suspended or has not been replaced,


    Installation and use of fire door products. After the implementation of the new norms, the new certificate issued by the strict inspection, from the consumption, testing, acceptance, daily use of management and other aspects of strict control, fire doors will be possible to prevent, in the face of fire, it may be a real door to life.