Hollow Metal Door w/ Louver or Door Vents

- Apr 25, 2020-

Commercial hollow metal doors with louvers or door vents, provide air ventilation between rooms or inside of closets. Louvered commercial hollow metal doors help ventilate rooms when closed while still providing privacy and security. Louvers are often found inside of restroom and electrical or mechanical closet doors. 

Asico offers commercial louvered hollow metal doors with differents sizes on the below.

12" x 12"

24" x 12"

24" x 18"

24" x 24" 

18" x 12" 

18" x 18" 

Custom sizes available

Asico metal door louver or vents features.

--Made of heavy duty 18 gauge steel

--Ideal for interior and exterior applications

--Pre-fixed steel louver at factory

Except metal door louver, Asico also could fabricate wooden door louver adjustable for wooden doors. You may send email to us for more details to lee@asicodoor.com