Hollow Metal Door Honeycomb Core

- Dec 03, 2019-

Hollow metal door is made of galvanized steel sheet 20 Gauage,18 Gauage,16 Gauage. Some material will be infilled inside the door leaf to support the door leaf skeleton and make the door stronger. 

Honeycomb paper is a building and packing material. One of the most common uses of paper honeycomb is for standard doors insides houses and paper pallet. 

Generally the honeycomb paper is filled inside the door leaf as it is light but with good strength. It comprises a paper core and surface paper which is pasted on both sides of the paper core, the paper core is bonded together by a plurality of hollow hexagonal prisms, side surfaces of adjacent hexagonal prisms are bonded, and the thickness of the paper core is 0.28-0.80 cm. 

Except Honeycomb core, ASICO DOOR also supply another three options as follows:

--Steel Stiffener 

--Polyurethane Core

--Mineral Rock Wool

Each option is used for different applications with different functions. ASICO DOOR would help you solve any issues and provide with good proposal for any projects. 

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