Hollow Metal Door Hardware Reinforcement

- Apr 21, 2020-

Asico door provides hollow metal doors and frames to meet the requirement of opening which requires stengthen, durability, or maximum fire resistance. The metal door and frame are strengthened with reinforcement. 

Reinforcement for hardware

a. mortice reinforce drill and tap hollow metal work for hardware devices at the factory from fully template hardware, in accordance with approved hardware schedule including electric hardware devices and templates provided by the other trades supplying the hardware.

b. for butts and pivot hinges, 4.8mm steel plate 

c. for door closer overhead, 4.8mm steel plate on holders and stopps both sides of frame sufficient that closers, holders or stops can be applied to either side of frame.

Asico door has been tested to UL10B, UL10C and comform to NFPA and ASTM. Fire rating can be 60 mins, 90 mins, 120 mins and 180 mins. Each fire door has a label attached indicating the fire test rating.