Hollow Metal Door Frame

- Mar 20, 2020-

Asico is a hollow metal door and door frame manufcturer specializing in the rapid shipment of custom products. All of our doors and frames are manufactured to our clients' specifications. 

Our standard metal door frame product is 16-gauge galvanized steel. We offer other material options including 14-gauge galvznised and stainless steel. 

Mainly we introduce one custom KD drywall frame by Asico. 

KD drywall frame features:

--16-gauge galvanized steel standard. 

--11-gauge hinge reinforcements standard

--12-gauge for door closers standard

--Rust-inhibitive prime coat ANSI/SDI 250.10

--Any manufacturer's hinge locations

--Any manufacturer's strike prep location

--KD drywall anchor

--Any width and height

--Any jamb depth

--Up to 180 minute fire rating

--Available in stainless steel 

--Optional prep to accept all manufacturers' hardware requirements