Flame retardant requirements for wooden fire doors

- Feb 13, 2019-

Party A to inspect, our scale and product production and so on are very satisfied. One of them is their group of the working person, for the product is very proficient, specially put forward to see our wood flame retardant, we on the wood flame retardant process, our daily flame retardant quantity to each other to do a detailed introduction, The other side also saw the flame-retardant wood we had just out of the tank. So the quality of our products and production process are very recognized, but the general engineer asked me how your wood flame retardant is called to meet the requirements of how to control, I said we each batch measured an oxygen index, according to the measured Oxygen index is not qualified.

49--Solid Core Flush Door

Wood Flame Retardant

He further offered to look at our labs and experiments. After looking at our equipment in the lab and couldn't do the experiment all at once because it needed to be dried, he said I'd look at your original record of the experiment, but there was no relevant inspection record in the lab at the time. So that makes the other side discount on our good impressions, Although he later told me that you were doing a good job, I knew that the lab in the business, including themselves, was a formality. But I am very annoyed, because we are not meant to be a formality, the oxygen index is what the company has been asking for, we did not want to go to the formality. Because our homework is not standard, The handover and arrangement of quality inspection work when personnel changes and structural changes are not carried out according to the requirements of the system.